TapUSB - Tap on/off USB power.

Why do you want to control USB power?

  • Why not if it is so easy? Touch works much better than flip the switch or pulling the cable.
  • You may want to turn off charging when your iPhone, Android phones are fully charged without unplug it.
  • Most USB LED bulbs/lights/lamps do not come with power switch
  • USB Wall Chargers in the market today are not designed to use with USB LED bulbs, they do not have built-in switch
  • External USB battery packs are not designed to use with USB LED lights, for example, some do not have switch, some are not able to turn off


  • Touch works much better, it is so convenient, your whole body will work
  • Interchangeable, You can use TapUSB with many different USB devices, USB Fans, USB heaters
  • There are also lots of different ways to use it
  • TapUSB last much longer than the regular power switch by eliminating moving parts

What can you use it for?

  • With Wall Charger and USB LED light, you can use it as night-lights for bathroom, bedroom
  • Make a flash light using USB battery pack and LED bulb with TapUSB
  • For USB bulbs with broken switch
  • Use with your laptop and USB LED lamps
  • For your cell phone, stop over charging, or stop over heating
  • Reset USB dev-kits such as Arduino board
  • More…

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The long story:

It all begins when I fall in love with USB powered LED bulbs/lights/lamps, early 2015, I saw how cheap LED lights had became when I was browsing Amazon and eBay, some are selling less than $1. So I bought a bunch of different USB bulbs, lamps and night-lights, I choose USB powered ones because I have a few of USB wall chargers (from old Android/iOS phones) collecting dust at home, I also have several USB external batteries.

It was all good until I found few minor problems, most of USB LED bulbs/lights/lamps do not have built-in switch, it is not convenient to plug in and pull out all the time. Some USB battery packs do not have switch, some are not able to turn off, the built-in switch are also easy to break.

I’ve waited for couples of months one to come to the market, finally I decided to design one myself.